Treatment Process

Every patient receives the best possible care we can provide. Our mission is to treat each patient with respect and dignity by surrounding them with highly qualified, knowledgeable and compassionate clinical staff. Your comfort and well-being is our top priority.

Patients will first meet with the Medical Assistant who will ask about current medications and other medical history related questions. Vitals are taken and the patient is seen by the physician. We take the time to answer any treatment specific questions including side-effects and how any particular treatment may affect you over longer periods of time. After the initial consultation with the physician, additional tests may be needed so that the best treatment plan can be developed specific to the needs of each patient. Sometimes a follow up visit is needed so that the patient can ask questions about their treatment plan or other options before the prescribed treatment is started.

The Medical Assistant Reviews the Patient's Health HistoryWhen a treatment plan is ready to move forward through agreement between the doctor, patient, and sometimes the patients primary doctor, a consent form is required in order to authorize the recommended treatment. If the treatment requires chemotherapy, the next step is referred to as “Chemotherapy Staging”.

Each staff member understands the importance of ensuring that each treatment begins promptly so that our patients can move quickly to their recovery. The chemotherapy nurse will contact the patient to schedule them for their first treatment on a day that is most convenient for them.

Staging of chemotherapy will involve an authorization inquiry for all non-Medicare patients (including all PPO Medicare Plans). The first chemotherapy treatment will not be scheduled until the patient’s insurance has accepted the prescription allowing the treatment plan to move forward. We will also review insurance benefits to consider any copay and co-insurance amounts that may effect the patient financially, and if the patient is in need of financial assistance, we will determine the extent of patient assistance programs that are available and will be initiated upon the patient’s request to match them with an appropriate program.

Please see Treatments

Some patients may need surgical enhancement for venous access due to their IV therapy treatment type. A referral to a surgeon will be made for device placement. Not all IV therapies require surgical enhancement.

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